First in line will gain admission to Niles New Tech High

March 4, 2011

Only 125 students in Niles will get to register as a New Tech student next fall. Niles is one of 63 communities across the country to start up a New Tech High School.

At first, Nick Suckle wasn’t sure about the idea of going to a New Tech High School.

“I was a little afraid at first because I didn’t know what it was going to be like,” says Nick.

Nick says he has been looking into it and actually visited another New Tech High School nearby. Now, Nick and his mom will be lined up early in the morning to make sure he has a spot next year.

“I was kind of blown away by it,” says Carla, Nick’s mom, “I really like the way they did the project based learning and the way they took a different approach to the school.”

New Tech is all about hands on projects and working in groups. The students learn in a professional work environment. They get a report card but are also evaluated on their skills — just like you would be at a job.

“This is really about 21st century skills more than test scores,” says Dean Patrick Malley, “the kids do show improved test scores. But that is not the primary focus. The primary way kids are successful in New Tech schools is their college readiness they come out of new techs more professional with a better vision of what they are good at and what they are not good at.”

Nick wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

“My grandpa is an engineer and everyone says I am just like him and I am kind of interested in that line of work,” says Nick.

Which means there is a lot of learning ahead, and he wants to do it at New Tech High.