Final Reflection #NST13: New Tech planning has ceased to be our work; it has become our passion

July 1, 2013

Thanks to rampant flight delays all across the Mid-West, I finally have some time to post my final NST13 reflection. It was a bittersweet moment this morning sitting down to breakfast with my Cougar New Tech team for the final time on this trip. We have been working together on our New Tech launch since October, but it wasn’t until New Schools that we became a team.

Our team is made up of people from different backgrounds, different personalities and different points of view. Having varied past experiences makes us strong. Having shared experiences has made us united.

After concluding official New Tech business we sat down for lunch. Our meal conversation was dominated by school talk. I realized that those conversations were taking place not because they had to, but because we wanted them to. New Tech planning has ceased to be our work; it has become our passion.

After a short and speedy cab ride it was time to say goodbye to my team. As tired as we all were I think our spirits could have carried us for days. When I arrived at the airport I discovered that the emotions my group was feeling were not limited to just Cougar New Tech. While waiting for my flight I could overhear the exuberant conversations other teams were having. This was clearly a transformative week for all those who shared it. We left Grand Rapids changed.

The way I thought about things changed. The way I talked about things changed. These changes had to occur so the way I do things will change. Thank you to all those great people I got to know and interact with all week. A special thanks to Warrior New Tech for making our time in the airport fun and enjoyable. If anyone wants to keep in touch follow me on Twitter @mrcablecchs