EPISD Education Minute: New Tech

October 24, 2017

El Paso Independent School District’s New Tech Program, isn’t your traditional classroom.

“There is a lot of freedom in how you do and approach the projects and I really like how you have the choice to do things differently,” said a student.

Think: a hands-on approach to teaching core subjects to students… using projects and hands-on lessons. Four high schools and four middle schools within EPISD offer this type of active learning environment- the newest, New Hart Tech, to open in 2018.

“Deeper learning to us, at EPISD, that means focusing on let’s say more than just a report card, if you score 87, that means you excelled in oral communication, written communication,” said Scott Gray, New Tech Coordinator, EPISD.

So why new tech? According to the district, setting students up for future success. National statistics show 92-percent of high school students graduate if they’re in a new tech program.

“The biggest change I see is their communication skills. They come shy, and then the end of the year, they’re talking to adults, they’re asking questions, starting their own discussions, and those are the things you want to see that students are involved, engaged in their learning,” Justin Arnsworth, New Tech Teacher, Canyon Hills Middle School.

As an open enrollment school district, EPISD’s New Tech academies are open to all students in El Paso County.

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