ECISD Proposes High-Tech School

December 9, 2010

ECISD Proposes High-Tech School

Odessa, Texas- Ector County may soon have a new high school opening its doors but this is no ordinary school. It will be just one of 62 campuses like it across the country.

ECISD officials met today to unveil the plans for a new technology school to open right here in the basin. It’s being called “New Tech,” High School and it’s a new generation concept that revolves academics entirely around computers and other hands on technology.

“Each student who attended the new tech high school would have a lap top, getting away from using textbooks to looking at technology, to using the Internet,” said Randy Talley, ECISD Executive Director of Special Projects.

Students will still be required to meet the same educational standards but the method of getting there is enhanced.

“We know that kids learn differently now and they learn through technology, collaboration, teamwork, when they’re engaged they really learn and it prepares them for the future,” said Talley.