Digital Learning Today

January 28, 2014


It is imperative to include digital learning in today’s classroom.  Information technology is changing the world around us and our educational institutions need to keep pace with the ever changing world.  We are preparing students for the future, yet we don’t even comprehend what the future will look like.  We need to ensure that learners have the fundamental skills to begin on their path to the future and equip them with the skills and tools to be successful.  Digital learning is one such tool.  To put this into perspective, think about the last time you needed to fix your plumbing or any other job around the house that you didn’t know how.  First you probably Googled it and then you watched a ‘how to’ YouTube video.  The world has change in a few short years and is changing at an ever increasing pace.  To keep pace we must include digital learning in today’s classroom.

Digital Learning Day is an important part of moving forward and using digital learning into the classroom.  Digital Learning Day will increase awareness and continue the conversation about how to prepare learners for the future.  Ultimately, awareness will lead to action and adoption of digital learning best practices across the nation.  Our nation’s economic health is dependent on it.

At MITECH+ we support the adoption of best practices that help prepare learners for their future.  While the focus is on the learner we also focus on the future.  The future for the learner will require that they acquire the skills and knowledge to be competitive in the global economy.  This is dependent on the implementation of digital learning in every classroom.

Donald Johnson

Don Johnson is the Director of Strategic Initiatives.  He is responsible for the development of the “STEM Center of Excellence powered by MITECH+”; implementation of project based learning initiatives across the region, support of New Tech @ Meridian High School and is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Agriscience program at Coleman High School.