Dese Zuberi, NTN School Development Coach

August 3, 2017

Humans of NTN: Dese Zuberi, NTN School Development Coach



“Equity was a main driver for me for getting into education. I grew up in Detroit and was bused to a rural white school in a different area. We were seen as people just invading the space. When I went to high school, it was the same story, only this time the school was on the other side of a 4-lane street. On the right was Dearborn Heights where the white people lived. On the left was the community where all the white people were moving away from. Once again we were the black kids from another community going into another white school. It didn’t seem fair. It was still our city but we didn’t have the same services, it wasn’t as clean, and we didn’t have the same stores. We would have to go to the other side to get basic needs. There were economic and cultural differences between these two cities and we were caught in the middle.”