DeKalb High School Students Bring History to Life at Museum

December 10, 2017

History came to life Saturday at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum.

Students from DeKalb High School’s Media Lit class posed as wax sculptures at the museum.

But these “sculptures” had a lot to say.

When approached, these bright students would tell you all about the historical figure from DeKalb County that they’ve spent the past month researching.

Both students and teachers agreed that there’s something special about stepping into a character’s shoes.

“It’s more than just sitting at a desk getting a lecture. You know, learning a lesson,” says Media Lit Facilitator Cindy Boyd.

“It’s things that really resonate with them and cause them to connect with that community.”

With this year’s project being such a success, Boyd says she’s already excited for next year.

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