Deeper Learning Digest: Working Together for Student Success

September 22, 2017
Alliance for Excellent Education

New Tech Network Students Headed for Success

New Tech Network released its 2017 Impact Report, and the findings show that the school’s model is preparing students for success in college and the workplace. In addition to the higher graduation and college persistence rates shown below, the report found that students who attend deeper learning network schools have “higher levels of interpersonal and intrapersonal competencies, such as: collaboration, academic engagement, motivation to learn, and self-efficacy.”

Alliance President Bob emphasized the importance of these skills, especially when it comes to employability. In response to the NTN report, he said, “What was important in academic outcomes twenty-five years ago versus what Fortune 500 companies are looking for today has flipped. Core academic knowledge is important, but you have to be able to do something with it. New Tech Network schools exemplify this approach to teaching and learning and graduate students with the skills employers are seeking.”

 Read the report.

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