Deeper Learning Digest: Positive Change and Deeper Learning

September 30, 2016
Alliance for Excellent Education

New Tech Comes to Virginia

A Franklin County, Virginia school will adopt the New Tech Network project-based learning model to help create an “innovative, forward-thinking educational environment” for middle school students. Students who sign up for the program would have the option to continue in high school. After viewing the documentary “Most Likely to Succeed,” the Roanoke Times reports the district superintendent looked for ways to develop twenty-first century learners right there at home.

“We had to examine how are we preparing students for life after high school,” said Brenda Muse, the county’s director of curriculum and instruction. “Are we giving them the skills they need to be successful? Are they leaving high school being able to problem solve and think critically and work collaboratively with others and to accept other viewpoints?” Read the full article.