Deeper Learning Digest: Destination Deeper Learning

April 21, 2017
Alliance for Excellent Education

by Caroline Waldman

In this week’s digest, take a tour of deeper learning then and now, check out next generation learning in Colorado, see how competency-based learning will transform an Illinois school, and find out how states can use the Every Student Succeeds Act to enable deeper learning for all students.

District Administration takes a tour of deeper learning, diving in to the background of the deeper learning movement and taking stock of how it has grown. Although the movement has grown, the need still remains, since many low-income students are still not getting the deeper learning experiences they need to prepare them for success in careers and postsecondary education.

The article checks in on what’s happening at different schools across the country that are doing deeper learning, including King Middle School in Maine and Central Coast New Tech High School in California, as well as the School Retool program that works to increase project-based learning through small “hacks.”

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