What is Curriculum? From Managed Instruction to Personalized Learning

January 3, 2017
Getting Smart

In the post-NCLB age when schools have (to some extent) made the shift to digital and personalized learning is the new meme, what in the world is curriculum?

Thirty years ago, a school board adopted textbook was the core curriculum. Twenty years ago, most states introduced learning standards, and those also became part of the definition of curriculum.

Teachers have always supplemented the core curriculum to meet the needs of students. In the digital classroom today, the whole curriculum appears to be a mashup of supplemental materials.

In this blended, mix-and-match, do-it-yourself world of education, what is curriculum, and who develops it? How do we know if it works? The following are six timely questions, without definitive answers, about what we teach students. Read more.

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