Chief People and Equity Officer


New Tech Network (NTN), a national nonprofit organization, is a leading design partner for comprehensive school change. We work closely with districts and schools to co-create innovative and equitable learning environments in more than 200 schools in the U.S. and Australia. Through a proven school model, a project-based learning platform, and powerful professional development, we coach schools toward lasting change and ongoing improvement. New Tech Network views diversity/ multiculturalism as an organizational asset and we are committed to creating an organization that reflects the communities we serve, in addition to a culture where everyone feels valued, heard, and included.


This senior leadership role, Chief People and Equity Officer (CPEO), is ideal for an authentic and thoughtful partner who views all things through the lens of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). They are a strategist, a content expert, and a collaborative partner to other senior leadership team members as they think through how to best weave DEI into the fabric of all the organization’s work. At their core, the Chief People and Equity Officer (CPEO) creates strategic alignment between the organization’s goals and values and the people who implement them in a primarily virtual work environment.

The CPEO understands that people are at the center of everything, and that for New Tech Network, this means supporting a vibrant equity-focused learning organization that serves as a model to the schools and districts in our network. They realize that attracting and keeping diverse talent creates a positive, creative, and affirming culture. This individual will serve as the organization’s resident expert and thought leader on all areas of diversity, equity and inclusion among their colleagues internally. The CPEO will contribute individually and lead a small team responsible for human resources, recruiting, knowledge management, and other projects that impact all staff members. They will provide strategic direction for the ongoing development of knowledge management systems and practices that foster a culture of sharing and collaboration. This person will bring a deep level of empathy and emotional intelligence to an organization with a people-first and inclusive culture.

The CPEO reports to the CEO, is a member of the executive leadership team, and is empowered to implement new people-based programs intended to strengthen New Tech Network as a learning organization.

Ideal candidates will have significant experience advancing a diversity, equity and inclusion plan/program within an organization that included many stakeholders. They will have an understanding of, sensitivity to, and respect for diverse academic, socio-economic, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds as well as identities – gender identity, sexual orientation, disability etc. of staff.

They will possess a minimum of five+ years of leadership experience with a plus being prior experience in an education or nonprofit environment. A Master’s degree in a related field is preferred.

The Chief People and Equity Officer’s role will be comprised of the following key areas of responsibility and will be expected to demonstrate the following competencies:


DEI Strategy Development and Execution

  • Serve as a thought leader and champion of the importance and value of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizational environment
  • Establish goals and metrics to monitor progress of DEI initiatives
  • Develop a comprehensive internal communication strategy for our DEI efforts
  • Lead the internal DEI team and related working groups to move DEI initiatives forward
  • Design and support internal learning on DEI, including identifying needs and planning DEI focused learning sessions, identifying external partners to supplement internal trainings, and organizing affinity groups
  • Supporting department leads to establish DEI commitments and maintain focus on DEI in relation to their work and the organization’s mission
  • Lead the ongoing development of organizational culture to ensure a safe, inclusive, and emotionally supportive environment

Internal Talent Management and Development

  • Develop strategies for attracting and developing diverse talent (especially in under-represented identity groups) through leadership of Human Resources team and in partnership with the leadership team
    • Establish external partnerships with organizations to build a diverse talent pipeline
    • Provide support to hiring managers throughout the recruiting and interview process to ensure a diverse candidate pool and equitable hiring practices
    • Establish equitable and inclusive practices for onboarding new hires
  • Foster equity and promote inclusion in career and performance development and create intentional opportunities for growth
    • Develop a performance management system focused on growth, equity, and regular opportunities for feedback
    • Oversee manager training, development, and feedback process
    • Design opportunities for personal growth through a variety of learning opportunities (i.e. mentorships, professional development)

Guide Continued Development of Knowledge Management Systems

  • Provide strategic planning for the ongoing development of knowledge management systems and practices that fosters a culture of sharing and collaboration
  • Develop standard work processes for effective knowledge capture, generation, and sharing, and support teams in the implementation of those processes
  • Monitor the effectiveness of knowledge management tools and ensure timely support and training for staff
  • Ensure accessibility of resources and knowledge across the organization
  • Support internal communication efforts


DEI Experience and Expertise: The Chief People and Equity Officer will be an experienced professional in the DEI space, with knowledge of DEI standard methodologies, state of the profession, and current research. As an internal resource and consultant, this person will be an experienced advocate for DEI topics, and will be comfortable both challenging and educating senior leadership, New Tech Network staff, and the Board of Directors. This individual will also be experienced in the definition, implementation, improvement and/or leadership of diversity, equity and inclusion programs. Additionally, the CPEO will have the skill in analyzing, measuring, and reporting on the efficacy of DEI programs and activities.

Talent Development Expertise: This person will manage the HR team as they develop strategies and systems for equitable and innovative hiring processes. As the first introduction to the organization, it is critical for the application, interview, and onboarding processes to be an accurate reflection of New Tech Network’s culture and values. The CPEO will also add value to the internal career and performance development areas to provide advancement opportunities for all employees. This person will ensure that the DEI efforts extend to these aspects of New Tech Network’s work.

Visionary and Strategic Leadership: This DEI leader will require experience executing a large-scale DEI strategy, ideally within multiple organizations. This content expert will develop a DEI culture within New Tech Network’s predominately virtual work environment. They will need to develop the structure and strategy, management principles and practices, and theory of organizational change that centers DEI in all of New Tech Network’s systems and processes, including programming, planning, training, policies, and best practices. They will require the vision to develop this process, and the strategic outlook for successful implementation.

Collaborative Relationship Building Skills: The Chief People and Equity Officer will have the ability to cultivate and develop collaborative working relationships with internal partners, as well as the ability to negotiate and influence. The New Tech Network culture is highly collaborative, so relationships will be critical as the CPEO advances DEI discussions and initiatives within the organization.

Exceptional Communication Skills: This person will be required to join New Tech Network with a listening-first approach, devoting a significant amount of time to a comprehensive needs assessment and analysis of the state of DEI within the organization, including past efforts and initiatives. The CPEO will need to be a patient and thoughtful communicator as they lead New Tech Network’s efforts to establish shared vocabulary and norms around DEI. This individual will have experience designing and working with a range of knowledge management, communication and project management tools, processes and policies; comfort with adopting new tools and supporting staff learning.


New Tech Network has engaged Koya Leadership Partners to help in this hire. This search is being led by Michelle Bonoan and Miecha Ranea Forbes. Please submit a compelling cover letter and resume here, or email Michelle and Miecha at the following:

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The New Tech Network is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard ace, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, genetic factors, military/veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.


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