CoSN 2018 Annual Conference

Event Date(s) and Time: March 12-15
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The 4th Industrial Revolution and its Impact on Learning

We are living during a time of unprecedented and rapid change. New technologies like artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and robotics are emerging with the potential for having a transformative impact on industry, the economy and society as a whole.   Our physical and digital worlds are fusing, resulting in breakthroughs that were only imagined in the past. The speed and scope of this technological transformation is exponential with the potential for unlimited possibilities and endless opportunities. What are the implications for schools, educators, and students?  How do we provide leadership in a time of rapid change?  The CoSN 2018 Annual Conference will dive deeply into the issues as we seek answers to these questions and design learning in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Learn more here.


2:00 PM – 3:00 PM:
Room: Gunston West
Format: Concurrent Session – 60 Minutes
Brief Session Description: Starting innovation is the ‘easy’ part of transformation, when the district and school conditions are right; sustaining innovation is infinitely more difficult even under the best conditions. Join us for this interactive design session focused on how to frame, refine, and advance your district’s innovation agenda by leveraging lessons learned from the New Tech Network. Our experience supporting school innovation in urban, suburban and rural contexts across the country for more than a decade has yielded a deep understanding of what are often predictable challenges that can derail innovation efforts. Using a set of NTN diagnostic tools, participants will gain greater clarity around current conditions and identify potential adaptation strategies to increase student outcomes from their innovation initiatives.

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