Congratulations 2018 Best-In-Network Winner!

April 10, 2018


Each year, New Tech Network gives the Best in Network award to a project that exemplifies the goal of successfully combining active exploration, application, authenticity and academic rigor. New Tech Network is proud to announce that Amelia Navarrete & Edgar Johnson from Burke High School are the 2018 winners for their project, Finding a Voice.

Amelia Navarrete & Edgar Johnson from Burke High School



Burke High School

Teachers: Amelia Navarrete and Edgar Johnson

Course: Government and World Literature

Grade: 10

Driving Question:

How can we, as graphic novelists, use graphic novels to help tell the untold stories of disenfranchised people around the world?

Project Snapshot

This project was across the dual contents of World Literature and Government and asked students to design graphic novels about disenfranchised and marginalized groups around the world. To assist with the graphic novels, Navarrete and Johnson reached out to the local public library system, which enthusiastically joined the project. The students reached the final creative production by doing independent research and interviewing a student their age who had been a refugee in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The students then wrote first-person narratives about a person in their region and storyboarded all the panels of their graphic novel.



Really like how the business partners helped with the authenticity of the project. This is scaffolded really well.

-NTAC BIN Reviewer

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