Compass Academy driving donations to sister school in Napa, CA

October 19, 2017
Local 8 News

One local school is doing what it can to help students in Napa, California, who are affected by the wildfires.

“It makes me feel proud to be a part of doing this because I just like to see that we’re doing something good for another school’s that’s helped us come where we are,” said Ethan Martin, a sophomore at Compass Academy.

Compass Academy is collecting donations for New Technology High School in Napa. The wildfires burning in Sonoma and Napa counties have destroyed thousands of homes and businesses.

Here’s the local connection: Compass Academy is part of the New Tech Network, which was started by the campus in Napa in the 1990s.

“Napa was one of the first that kind of initiated this way of learning. Right now they’re kind of  struggling with the forest fires, and they kind of really need help right now,” said Priya Lasyatumuluru, a junior at Compass Academy.

“I contacted the principal there and he told us some of the needs they have and we got together — a group of teachers and a group of students — and decided we were going to do something about it. So we’ve gotten a truck and we’re starting to load it up,” said Matt Bertasso, the Compass Academy director.

They are loading up the truck with toiletries, household items, non­perishable foods and gift cards to deliver to Napa New Tech students and families this Friday.

“This connection — it’s pretty different from most schools, because, we wouldn’t be here without that school in Napa, and I think that we’re just trying to help each other,” said Martin.

The donation truck leaves the Compass Academy campus at 11:30 a.m. Thursday. Bertasso and a few students will pack up and head to Napa hoping to get there by Friday.

“There’s a map right there, and I think that’s it’s great that help is coming from far away and we’re thinking of them, even though we’re not really right there with them,” said Lasyatumuluru.

Compass Academy invites everyone to contribute. The truck will be in front of the school Thursday morning before it leaves to make its way to Napa. Monetary donations will be accepted until Friday.

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