CNT students seek to answer – When is rebellion justified?

January 1, 2017

by  | January 1, 2017 3:43 PM

When is rebellion justified? Indeed, it is an interesting question and one Colleton County High School Cougar New Tech (CNT) students enrolled in World Studies recently delved deeply into while seeking evidence to support their answers.

CNT students held an Art Extravaganza Wednesday, December 14 during which they displayed and presented their original art pieces which incorporated historical evidence, literary evidence from Fahrenheit 451 and current issue evidence in support of their answer to the driving question – When is rebellion justified?

Word quickly spread through the New Tech Network, the design partner for comprehensive school change, about the success of the CNT project and the thought provoking student presentations, prompting an invitation for a group of student presenters to attend the New Tech Annual Conference (NTAC) to be held at America’s Center Convention Complex, July 6-10 in St Louis, Missouri.

Each summer, a group of Cougar New Tech teachers attend the NTAC, which allows principals, teachers, and staff an opportunity to continually sharpen skills, share best practices, and network with like-minded professionals from around the country.

Dr. Melissa Crosby, Principal of Colleton County High School, stated due to the high cost of travel during July, it may be necessary for CNT to seek a business partner to help sponsor the students’ presentation this summer in St Louis. Further details are pending as paperwork is being finalized for the trip within the district, but information should be available regarding cost of attendance in late January or early February.

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