Class Act: Student Debates His Way to the Top

May 13, 2016
NewsFix CW33

It takes a brilliant, influential persuader to win a debate these days, and it looks like Ivan Reyes is just that! He’s our Class Act of the Week, brought to you by Time Warner Cable.

Ivan is a junior at A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School and is a top member of the school’s debate team.

“I love debating. Sometimes people confuse it as argument, but all in all, it’s very strategic. You have to think of what the opponents are thinking,” Ivan said. “Make sure to have two steps ahead of them. Ultimately, you have to make sure your argument is strong enough to convince the judge, and it’s a great experience. I enjoy it a lot.”

His passion for debating has played a huge part in his life goals.

“My idea is to major in psychology and then go to med school to become a psychiatrist,” he explained. “The specific psychiatrist I want to be is forensic. So, it’s a lot about law involved with courts and lawyers, and I think that my love for medicine and my love for law is a perfect combination there. And all in all, debate is a very law type of activity, and that’s going to help me a lot.”

As for which school he wants to go to, Ivan has his eyes on NYU or Harvard. And there’s no doubt, he’s got the grades to do it!

“I’ve worked very, very hard and when the last semester was over, I had my rank and I was ranked first, so I’m currently acting valedictorian. I want to graduate as that, and I think that’s been the highlight that’s really paid off all my work and my effort.”

Hey, the kid must be a stellar debater because he’s got us convinced that he’s going to be #1 in everything he does!

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