My Cancer Journey – Can Kids Cure Cancer? by Jonathan in Ms. George’s Class

September 4, 2015


On September 4, 2015 I went to see the eye doctor and they said I had swelling behind my eyes. The doctor said I needed a CT Scan. After the CT Scan they told me that I couldn’t go home because I had a tumor in my head and I had to go to ICU.  They put an IV in my arm and they gave me steroids to shrink the tumor. On September 11, 2015 they did a 7 hour surgery to remove the tumor in my head. After my surgery I needed some help walking, sitting up and eating.

Ewing Sarcoma

At the end of September they told my mom that I had Ewing Sarcoma cancer. A few weeks later the doctors put a pic line in my chest for the chemo. The line helps so the doctors don’t need to poke me with needles every time I need chemo. On October 4, 2015 I went into the hospital for my first round of chemo. I get chemo every week. Sometimes only one day and sometimes 5 days straight.


The doctor said my hair would fall out and it did. Chemo hasn’t been too bad.  I get very tired because my white blood cells go down. When my white blood cells go down I become Neutropenic which is having very low white blood count. During this time I can get very sick very easily. I can get nausea and bruising very easily.

Home Schooling

SInce I can’t go to school I am home schooled. Ms. George and Mrs. Oien come to my house every week and teach me and give me homework and tests to take. I wish that I could be at school with all my friends right now but I can’t.

My Journey Continues

I’m very happy that my class is doing a project for me and cancer. I think it’s good that the school is learning about cancer and what it is.

This blog is courtesy of Katherine Smith Elementary School, a New Tech Network school.