Building Innovation Ecosystems to Reinvent School

April 23, 2017
Rosie Clayton

It feels like a crazily long time now since my adventures across the USA last autumn looking at trends in school design and edu innovation, and over the last 4 months — as well as getting stuck into new projects in the UK — I’ve been synthesising all my learning from the vast array of conversations and observations during those 7 weeks into a detailed paper which has now been published by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

You can read my full report, Building Innovation Ecosystems in Education to Reinvent School, here:

I decided to focus my findings on three key areas of edu innovation/system change:

  • new models of school which are transforming outcomes for young people
  • the emergence of ‘innovation ecosystems’ in education which are enabling the development of new school models, building capacity across the system and scaling practice
  • new technologies which are powering change

Here is a brief synopsis of the full study.

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