Blending YOUR Learning

December 16, 2013
erica-snyderI have been at this blogging bit for just about a month and realize that I have yet to contribute to the section called Blending Your Learning and Life. Now that schools are winding down for a winter break, it seems like a good opportunity to add some stuff in there. But where to begin?

Having done my Master’s in Instructional Technology and an additional certification in eLearning design all online, that could be a good place to start and definitely includes the learning part. But perhaps a more interesting approach is to think about the last 72 hours. What have I done that I consider to be blending my life? More than one would think in a weekend.

1. Blended Meditation

This fall, a group of my colleagues and I did an online book club using Mindfulness. Along with the book come a series of online meditations that I can go back to whenever I need to. And this weekend, I chose to revisit them. Online mediation in the comfort of my own home. Love it.

2. Wrap and Turn knitting tutorial

Texas cannot decide what season it is in. Winter is colder this year than the past two that I have been here with 20s and 30s making an appearance in the same week as the 70s and 80s. This has caused a shopping debacle. There are no hats or gloves in Texas. And this momma lost his only hat in one of three airports on our trip last week. Which means emergency knitting must take place given that the forecast for Michigan this week looks like this.

See the graphic above ^

Kid needs a hat for this!

I found the best pattern and cast on last night. But couldn’t remember how to do a specific stitch, so off to You Tube I went. Bam! Learned it and already have more than half the hat done.

3. 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge

One of our school development coaches @SarahLeiker is a big CrossFitter. And like to organize our staff health challenges. We are currently in the 12 Days of Christmas challenge. She sends workouts; I do them, and then post my time in a Google Form. Fitness via the internet with accountability. Goes along well with the other fitness I do in my….

4. …Virtual Boot Camp

My post postpartum trainer does these every 8 weeks. More upcoming information on this soon! She not only does the workouts, with video, but also includes a private Facebook group where we can encourage each other, offer support, and receive feedback or have questions answered.

5. Nia Teacher Materials

Apparently this was a blended fitness weekend because I also participated in some online education webinars about Nia, of which I am a white belt. I accessed some of the teacher materials for the new routines I am learning. So excited about it 🙂

6. Skyping with Grandparents

This could be cheating as it wasn’t really my learning, but my parents seeing Wee Man and watching him as he is trying to walk. But we did have a video call, so I am counting it.

7. Twitter Fun

It’s my PLN and it had all sorts of good stuff this weekend. I even shared my excitement over some of the tweets with our Online Community Manager, @TheresaShafer.

8. MOOC Participation (again)

I am continuing my learning about badges and went back into the course I was taking to review some of the resources for research. I love that I can access the course materials even though it finished in October.

Eight examples of how I blended my learning and mostly my life over the weekend. Personalized to what I needed and wanted to learn, all with easily accessible materials and a human to help me if I need it. Now that’s what I call blended.

What blended learning have you done lately?

Let Erica know in the comments here or jump on over to her blog and leave a comment for her while you check out her other posts!