Blended Learning 101: My Thoughts

April 24, 2014

Khan Academy, in partnership with the Clayton Christensen Institute and the Silicon Schools Fund, recently released an online course titled Blended Learning 101. The series of over 40 videos are an excellent overview of some of the more introductory components to three types of blended learning models: flex, station rotation, and lab rotation. What I like best about these videos is what they are calling the protagonists. Essentially, the series focuses on three different schools – KIPP LA, Summit Public Schools, and Navigator Schools – and the ways they are changing the look of education by implementing blended learning with their students. I also enjoyed the explanations from both Michael Horn and Brain Greenberg as they narrated the video series and made a sometimes complicated topic easily accessible for all.

There are some excellent tutorials for those who are interested inlearning what blended learning is and how to begin implementing in your individual classroom. However, the bulk of the content really is focused on shifting structures within a traditional school setting to allow for blended learning to become a reality. I particularly enjoyed the sections that focused on the end in mind. How would you intentionally design a school that would allow for blended learning to be implemented, supported, and encouraged? What would you need to throw out of our existing schools in order to create that structure? What would you keep? How does the role of the teacher shift in a blended environment and what role does technology play?

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