After We Avert That Cliff, Let’s Create a Nation of Innovators: A Plea for Secretary Duncan

December 10, 2012
Lydia Dobyns

Lydia Dobyns

There’s no quick fix for reforming our education system. Speaking this week at former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education, Secretary Arne Duncan talked about his priorities for the next four years and said he was “in it” for the long haul.

While I agree with the priorities Secretary Duncan identified, I wonder if this is both bold enough and achievable given the budget challenges in Washington and the pendulum swing back to states? Have we created the right climate for success at the local, state and federal level? I worry that the initial results from the RTTT awards will cause policy makers to equivocate. Or that the anti-Common Core voices will be emboldened causing a slowdown in implementing the much-needed replacements to standardized tests.

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