Alleghany High School plans new learning program

September 15, 2017

Things will be changing at Alleghany County High School next year.

The halls and classrooms will host a new form of teaching designed by a non-profit called New Tech Network, which reorganizes classes to be more student centered with the high schoolers working in groups and partnering with local organizations and businesses to apply their learning in the real world.

“Instead of the teacher being the center of the classroom, the students will be the center. They will investigate, they will look for problems to solve, they will take the information from the classroom they’re in and they’ll start applying it and actually solving a problem that’s going to — hopefully helping the community,” Alleghany Schools Supervisor Gene Kotulka said.

Alleghany County was able to afford the program thanks to a state grant. It will be rolled in gradually over the next three years.

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