2010-11 New Tech Network Results & Outcomes

August 11, 2016

New Tech Network schools create great learning environments that lead to great student results. We believe that relevant and rigorous instruction, a student-centered school culture and an integrated use of technology will lead to students prepared to succeed in college and career.


Each New Tech school assesses students on school wide learning outcomes (SWLO) in all courses as part of the Network’s commitment to college and career readiness. In addition to mastery of content knowledge, SWLO measure students’ abilities to problem-solve, collaborate, create solutions, use technology tools, and apply their knowledge to real-world situations.


NTN shares the widespread desire of educators nationally to see students assessed by multiple measures rather than singular “point-in-time” tests. We are developing measures that align with the deeper learning skills that we value. At the same time, New Tech students take required standardized tests. School-by-school data is available under the quick stats school section on the New Tech Network website.

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