The Power of a Network

At New Tech Network, we know that the power of our community doesn’t stem from being geographically close to each other, it doesn’t come from being similar in our backgrounds, and it isn’t related to what position we hold in our organization. The power in our network comes from the connections that we make with each other. It comes from a shared vision of changing how we educate students so they can be prepared for an ever-changing world.

Whether teachers are sharing project ideas or district leaders are convening to learn best practices, they are capitalizing on the ability to address common problems collaboratively. We look at our network of educators the same way that we look at our classrooms – when an active network of people work together, they produce more ideas and resources.

As the world of education continues to mirror real-world workplace settings, many schools and districts will try and transform their school alone. But implementing comprehensive change brings both predictable and unexpected challenges.

Not only is facing these challenges in isolation ineffective and unsustainable, it’s the opposite of how we teach our students and staff – to build better schools, we must work together, not in silos.

As we look ahead to the future, New Tech Network is more convinced than ever that a vibrant, connected network is essential to addressing the most complex challenges facing teachers, district leaders, students, and the communities they call home.